Grand Prix 2019


The committee have agreed to introduce a new competition for 2019. 

This Grand Prix competition will not be calculated on an age graded basis as it was previously - it will be a straightforward first past the post competition with points being awarded on finishing position but each Strider will be awarded points. 

All this is explained in the rules below, including the nominated races. 

Please note that Richard Hunter of RunNation has kindly agreed to discount entry into his races by 10% - I will forward the code when he sends me it.

Any questions please contact Lyn Brown.

Rules for the 2019 Grand Prix

1. There will be a male and female competition.

2. In each event the highest placed runner will receive 20 points,the next 19 points and so on. If more than twenty runners complete an event the
twentieth and any following runners will receive one point.

3. Runners must complete an event from each category plus a further two of the listed events to enter the competition. Runners may enter as
many events as they wish and their best five scores will be count. 

4. Runners must wear club colours - this can be a Striders vest or t-shirt (only exception is The Allendale Challenge).

5. Runners must be entered as Stocksfield Striders.

6. Any runner who runs under someone else’s name will not receive points - the named runner will receive the points.

7. Both male and female competitions will have prizes presented at 
The Annual Awards Night 2020.

8. The competition organiser’s decision will be final.

The 2019 Races

Section 1

NE Harrier League XC - February 9

Durham Dalton Park 5k - March 3

George Ogle 5.6m - May (22?)

Derwent Reservoir Trail 5k - June 2

Blaydon 5.9m - June 9

Willow Miners 5.3m - July (10?)

Prudhoe Parkrun - October 12

Section 2

Durham Dalton Park 10k - March 3

Cragside 10k - April 13

Derwent Reservoir 7m - June 2

Prudhoe Miners 10k - September (29?)

Hexham 10k - October 27

Gibside Fruit Bowl - November (3?)

Section 3

Run Northumberland HM  - March 17

3 Villages 10m Wetheral - April 7

Allendale Challenge - April 6

Hexham HM - July 14

Derwent HM Trail - July 21

Jelly Tea 10m - August (25?)

Brampton to Carlisle 10m - November (17?)

Where the date is in brackets these have not been confirmed